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Fish Oil May Enhance Cognition

Fish oil supplementation (FOS) may prevent cognitive decline and preserve brain volume with age.

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Extending Longevity

Resveratrols in red wine may be a key to anti-aging and longevity.

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Check out the research at the National Institute of Health and David Sinclair, Ph.D. at Harvard Medical School.

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Elysium Health (founded by Dr Leonard Guarente at MIT) is theorizing that a NAD+ precursor (Nicotinamide riboside) combined with a resveratrol variant (Pterostilbene) may have synergistic effects in promoting longevity. NAD+ is crucial to DNA repair and energy production and declines with age.  Pterostilbene is found in almonds, lingonberries, grape leaves, and blueberries.

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Ray Kurzweil & Terry Grossman, M.D.

Check out their website on maintaining mental and physical health throughout the lifespan.

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Neurocognitive Therapeutics, LLC is a consulting business specializing in helping companies, businesses, hospitals, clinics, and medical practices leverage developments in healthcare, mental health care, pharmaceuticals, phytonutrients, and nutraceuticals to enhance cognition and higher-order cognitive abilities for healthy aging. This includes diseases and disorders due to insults to the brain and central nervous system in neurodevelopmental and neurocognitive disturbances in children and young adults as well as neurodegenerative disorders in late-age adults, particularly the dementias.