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Fish Oil May Enhance Cognition

Fish oil supplementation (FOS) may prevent cognitive decline and preserve brain volume with age.

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Extending Longevity

Resveratrols in red wine may be a key to anti-aging and longevity.

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Check out the research at the National Institute of Health and David Sinclair, Ph.D. at Harvard Medical School.

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Elysium Health (founded by Dr Leonard Guarente at MIT) is theorizing that a NAD+ precursor (Nicotinamide riboside) combined with a resveratrol variant (Pterostilbene) may have synergistic effects in promoting longevity. NAD+ is crucial to DNA repair and energy production and declines with age.  Pterostilbene is found in almonds, lingonberries, grape leaves, and blueberries.

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Ray Kurzweil & Terry Grossman, M.D.

Check out their website on maintaining mental and physical health throughout the lifespan.

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« Neuropsychological Evaluation & Treatment

Initial Consultation

At your initial consultation, your neuropsychologist will be gathering some medical and psychiatric history and doing a preliminary clinical interview.  His or her services are solution-based, not time-based.  At the end of the interview, you may be given some activities to complete for your next appointment: These may include gathering medical or school records; a list of your prescriptions; prior evaluations and summaries by other doctors; recommendation for an appointment with your primary care physician (PCP) or other health or medical specialist; activities to complete prior to your next appointment; and the like.  A recommended treatment plan or plan of action will be discussed at the end of your intitial consultation.

Since we treat many kinds of disorders including brain-based injuries, pain and musculoskeletal disorders that are affected by your psychological health, central nervous system disorders (e.g., anxiety spectrum disorders; OCD spectrum disorders; mood and personalilty disorders; problems with impulse control and addiction; sleep-wake problems; and autistic spectrum disorders), medically unexplained psychosomatic disorders, post-traumatic stress, neurocognitive rehabilitation, bariatric and cardiac surgery evaluations, fitness for duty and disability evaluations, and evaluations for patients in need of 504 accommodations, we can’t answer general questions about how we practice.  Please check out our website if you have further questions in this regard and see our Mental Health Blog listed on the left-hand navigation panel.

Insurance: It is your responsibility to check with your health insurance plan to understand what you plan covers, whether you have a deductible or co-pay, and whether it is currently active.  However, we do not take insurance directly for neurocognitive and neuropsychological evaluations.  We will give you a health care form that you can submit directly to your health care insurance company for reimbursement.

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